" Our stay here was a wonderful experience. The house is beautifully done with much care given to details. The trails were an unexpected treat frequently used by our group."

~ Leah, Celia and Christina
Gettysburg, PA

" From the minute we walked into the White Birch Cabin, we felt at home. Our stay here was like a second honeymoon for us and we didn't want to leave. Thanks again!"

~John and Heidi
Long Island, NY

" For a few days, your home became our home and life became perfect. Up here, time has no meaning and stress is non-existent. We look forward to many more trips here. Thank you for the most wonderful vacation yet!"

~ David and Joyce
Lebanon, PA

" Thank you for sharing your beautiful cabin in the woods. As we prepare to leave, it is most difficult. We had a wonderful time relaxing, hiking the wonderful trails and reverting back to our childhood on the swings."

~ Pat and Gerry
Lebanon, PA

" Exquisite! Delightful! Refreshing! Another fabulous weekend at White Birch Cabin!"

~ Jim, Sheri and Daniel
Easton, PA

" We arrived to the buzz of hummingbirds and explored the grounds by foot with camera in hand! We grilled, ate smores by the campfire, and relaxed under the brilliant Milky Way! We used our professional grade telescope to study the galaxy. We saw 5-10 meteors, a dumbbell Nebula, and 2 great spiral galaxies off the ladle of the Big Dipper!
We were so sad to leave this beautiful place, but will surely return to this oasis in the woods!"

~ Zak and Cindy
Philadelphia, PA

" What a lovely surprise to find your lovely cabin tucked away off the winding dirt road. What a great, relaxing vacation!"

~ Rick, Cheryl and Kelsey
Powell, Ohio

" We are four young women about to part ways to our respective colleges for our first semesters. Four friends as close as we are, we simply wanted to find a peaceful getaway where we could happily spend one of our last few weeks together. The cabin gave us so many surprises, all of them completely pleasant: the welcoming motif and homey décor, the various 93 deer, bears, and shooting stars spotted over the past few days, the private pathways, the idyllic campfire, the table for two on the front porch, the stringed lights that drape the porch like stars at nightfall and the unmistakable feel of a home meant for relaxation. The cabin is beautiful and our time here will never be forgotten. Perhaps in a year's time this will become the setting of a tradition."

~ Allison, Sara, Margeaux and Stephanie
Latrobe, PA

" The sign said Welcome…That's an understatement…White Birch Cabin embraces all who enter with its peace, beauty and joy. Thank you for sharing it."

~ Jim and Diane
Medford, NJ

" For our first family vacation with our son, this has been quite relaxing and enjoyable. We all enjoyed watching the birds, squirrels, chipmunks and deer from the rear window. We hope to return in the near future."

~ Mike, Colleen and Kieran
Glenside, PA

" Words cannot express just how nice it is to spend some quality time with your new spouse. We were recently married just 2 months ago, and it seems as though life after the wedding and honeymoon gets so busy! Thank you for sharing your beautiful cabin oasis with us! We are looking forward to visiting again!"

~ Ben and Krista
Easton, PA


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